ORB Monitoring

ORB Monitoring is advanced real time video monitoring solution for un-attended self-service networks. Inline the PA DSS standard the solution is providing secure and reliable monitoring and surveillance on complete heterogeneous network of un-attended devices.

Supporting different ATM manufacturer types like NCR, Diebold, BanqIT, Wincor-Nixdorf, Keba, GRG, Nautilus and Triton the solution can easily be integrated to both single vendor and multivendor ATM networks. Providing central control system, ORB Monitoring provides fully centralised video monitoring control.

ORB Monitoring basic Features:

  • Recording – high quality picture and video recording optimised to use  less hard drive space
  • Search – search trough transactions history by device, transaction events, alerts
  • Alarms – Real time alerts on suspicious events. Get notification for events based
  • Encryption – protect the data your are capturing
  • Transaction integration –  map and match transaction data with your monitoring solution
  • Multilevel monitoring – monitor the complete physical actions performed on the ATM device during transaction time
  • Centralised control – remote content control and software updates
  • Triger-ON  – event based monitoring configurable trough centralised system
  • Remote control – remote software update and client configuration via secured connection

Note: Advanced security features  and functionalities of the solutions are not disclosed publicly and are know only to our loyal customers.

ORB Monitoring customers:

  • Bank and financial institutions
  • ATM  network operators
  • Host and processing systems
  • Security companies
  • Insurance companies

Fore more information please visit: ORBMonitoring